Monday, April 13, 2009

Texas Vacation Driving Back and Easter


We left early and drove to Cheyenne to be with KC's family for Easter. Long driving day again!

Easter Sunday

Grandma and Grandpa
Got up late. Went to Church. Had a wonderful Easter Meal. Just relaxed and visited with family.
The cousins had to put on a play as usual.


We drove back home and got ready for school and work again. This was a fun trip. You can't beat a vacation visiting family!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Texas Vacation Ft. Worth/Dallas

Thursday we drove back to Ft. Worth. That evening we went to the Ft. Worth Fountains in Downtown. It was so fun and relaxing to just walk around and see all of the various water designs.

Friday we went to the Dallas Speedway. That was awesome to see. We even got to ride on it.

Then we planned on going to the Aquarium but it was so busy that we decided against it. We had already driven all over town and now we had to go even further. And there was lots of traffic. Ahhg. So we went to see the Dallas Temple. Always fun to see new temples and to be on the grounds. The driving was worth it!

Then to this huge outlet mall. Shopping is always good!

That evening we went to dinner with my brother and SIL to eat authentic Texas food. It was delicious and it was great to talk withoug kids. The kids were at home having a blast playing Rock Band!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Vacation (Houston)

Tuesday. Relaxed in the morning and then drove down to Houston. We stopped and saw the Houston Temple. There's nothing more peaceful than walking around temple grounds. Then we went and walked around a mall of a little while.Then we went to my cousin R&E house. They had lots of good food ready for us! My wonderful Aunt Y let us stay in her room.

Wednesday. We went to NASA and Galveston with R&E. We had such a wonderful day!

My wonderful cousin!

In Galveston we got some pizza and took it to the beach. As you can see there weren't many people around and so the Seagulls saw their target (Us). Carina had gone to the car to get something and got hurt and I had to go get her some bandaids. So I was coming back when the Seagulls were just visiting. The girls are just screeming like it was the end of the world and KC and E were attracting them by giving them food. CR was just plugging his ears. It was great!A High School Musical Picture at the beach.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Texas Vacation (The Stockyards+)


Dr. J closed the clinic so he could hang out with us for the day.

We went to the Stockyards.

The kids went in a fun maze. We did a little souvenier shopping.

And we saw the cattle run!

After that we went to "Fiesta" to buy a few things that are not sold in Gringo Land.Then we went to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to see how money is made. Wow! Amazing to see how much money is made every day! We wanted a sample but they said "no". (They wouldn't let us take pictures.)

After that we went to a Salvadorian Restaurant and had yummy pupusas and stuff. There was a Panaderia Guatemalteca across the street and we went over to buy some very authentic bread. We rented some movies but only saw part of one cause we were all too tired!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Texas Vacation Driving There

We've been wanting to go visit my little brother and his family for years but somehow something always came up and we couldn't go. So we decided that we would drive down for Spring Break this year. And we are so glad that we did! Here is our travel log:

Drive to Lubbock, TX. Long day. Kids were happy as long as they were watching "Saved By The Bell" or "Little Einsteins".

Drive to Ft. Worth. We got there in time to watch the last session of General Conference. We were so glad to be out of the car and so glad to be able to listen to all of the great advice from the Prophet and Apostles. We downloaded the previous sessions and we listened to them while we drove to various places.

We had a wonderful dinner by my SIL! She's the best cook ever!

We were going to a park but it was closed. So we went to my brother's Chiropractic Clinic and he gave us the tour and adjustments that were badly needed! He's very good at what he does!