Sunday, February 16, 2014

January 2014

Here I go again just trying to catch up with my blog. Well not too much happened in January so I'll just kind of do a quick recap of the month.  

We celebrated G's birthday with her local cousins.  She just wanted to go to Toys R Us with them so that's what we did.  Then on Sunday we had a little party with everyone.

We started the tradition a few years ago of doing some type of service for Martin Luther King day.  So we went to BYU and participated in their service projects. It works for us cause any age can participate.

It was a busy month for me at work.  It was the end of the semester and we had to deal with lots of schedule changes.  We also had a past student from our school that died and that was a very hard day for us as counselors.  It was probably my hardest day counseling as we had to allow students to mourn. It was a busy day and we even had to call other school counselors from other schools come and help us.  It was a day that I never wanted to experience.  

We now have church at 9:00am so hopefully I will be able to keep up with this blog cause we have the afternoon to be home and enjoy the day of rest.

Welcome 2014

On New Year's Eve G spent the day making crafts. She was glad her other cousins came home to spend at least one day with her. 

To welcome in the new year we went to downtown Cheyenne for the ball drop.  Not quite the same as NYC but fun nontheless. It was fun though because it was a way to celebrate the new year with family! 

We had to go home on New Year's Day cause the kids had school the next day. 

While we packed Buster and Bentley had fun playing together. 

Just had to take this picture on our way out for the record. 

It was snowing for the first few hours of our drive and we had to go pretty slow.   

But we got home safely and had a fun trip!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

G's 7th Birthday Week

We decided to take a little trip to Cheyenne after Christmas just for fun! We just wanted to get away for a few days to have fun and relax from everything.

We left on G's birthday.  But before we left she opened some presents.

She had been wanting to go to IHOP for her birthday all year.  So we decided to go there for breakfast before getting on the road.  Gracie could not be any happier!!!

When we got to Cheyenne we had  a little party for her with her cousins. 

I love it when we get to take time as a family! These moments are far apart lately.  But it's really when I'm the happiest.

Kali had a Sweet 16th Birthday party while we were there with Kareoke. We all had a blast singing.

Session Brothers reunited. 

G had an awesome week! I can't believe she is already 7 years old. How time flyes. I'm so grateful to have G as my baby. She's so loving and fun to have in our family. We joke that I don't want her to grow up but she tells me that it's ok cause she will always be my baby!