Wednesday, October 10, 2012

S 16th Birthday

September 5, 2012

My beautiful S-Biddy turned 16 years years old today.  She is an amazing daughter.  She is obedient and dedicated.  Although she is quiet she is a vital part of our family.

Ahh.  She is so beautiful!
 She wasn't too happy that her birthday was only the 2nd day of school and really her first B day.
 We celebrated that night with a special dinner and we sang happy birthday.  I was going to take her some lunch at school to share with her friends but I found out her friends were going to surprise her and taker her out to lunch and I think she probably had more fun with them anyways.
 Opening presents.
 Saturday night we went out to eat to Settebellos.  There's a new one that just opened close to our house and the pizza is delicious!

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

On Sunday we celebrated with the extended family.
 I just love this picture!

A New School Year

September 4, 2012

The first day of school is always hard for me.  It's just that it means that my kids are getting older.  This year was specially harder because my baby G is starting kindergarten.

S is a junior this year and she does not think it's too fun to take first day of school pictures.  But I've got to remember these days right?  She is taking Driver's Ed and should be getting her driver's license as soon as she gets 40 hours of driving practice and finishes her personal progress.

 CR is in 8th grade and growing up into an amazing young man.  He is in student government this year and it seems to be a perfect fit for him with his happy, outgoing personality.
 On Sept. 4th kindergartners just went to meet the teacher and complete a treasure hunt to get to know the school.  She was soooo excited to go to school that she was not one bit nervous!

Wednesday Sept. 5th was her official first day of school and boy was she ready!  I wasn't quite as ready!
 Lining up to go in...
 And there she goes... I'm surprised I was able to keep the camera steady.
The only thing that helped distract me was that I was meeting a counselor about a job for the first time and I was going over there right after I dropped her off.  Otherwise I would probably just have gone home and cried.  I just love my kids but they keep growing up (I know it's a good thing but... anyways you know what I mean).

Monday, October 8, 2012

C's 18th Birthday

August 24, 2012

C loves Texas Roadhouse so we went there to celebrate her 18th Birthday!

Then we went home to open presents.

 K gave C a Captain America laptop bag. K is so creative.  C loved it!
 Then her best friend threw a surprise birthday party for her.  We helped with the food and we got to be there to see her be surprised!  She did not suspect a thing! It was great!

 This is her Captain America cake.
 Celebrating with family on Sunday.  She is so grown up!  And officially an adult.

I can't believe C is 18! Where has the time gone.  She will soon be leaving us to go off to school and we will miss her very much.  She brings so much laughter into our home.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY C!!!