Sunday, November 10, 2013


So we have a dog. We love having a new member of our family. But he sure takes a lot of our time! This past week was hard. Last Friday (Nov. 1) we took him to get neutered.  He did fine with the surgery. They told us not to let him lick the incision. Well... really??? How are we supposed to do that???  We tried to tell him no but that only last so long. So a few days later we noticed that he wasn't healing, probably because he had been licking. So we decided to come up with concoctions to prevent him from licking.  

We read some stuff online and we thought this was fairily easy to do.  We wrapped a towel around his neck so he coudn't reach.  

Well that didn't work! He could still reach! Next we made a collar out of cardboard.  It worked a little but with lots of tried it started bending.  

We then made a e-collar out of cardboard (no picture) it worked for a while but at night he chewed part of it off.  Finally because we weren't succeeding we had to take him back to the vet so they could see if he was improving. That's when they finally showed us a real e-collar made of plastic. But it moved too much and it didn't stop him.

KC cut up a t-shirt and made a body glove type thing for him to wear.  Poor Buster hated this one.  He just ran and hid under CR's bed.  He was so embarrased!

You thought I was done. No!!! He could still reach!!! Agghh!!! Finally after all the tries we combined the cardboard collar with the plastic e-collar and it finally works!!! Looks hilarious but it works!!!  

We were so sad that we had to do all these crazy things but it's for his own good.  He is finally healing and should only have to wear the collar a few more days. 

Basically this was our entire week. KC came home every day for lunch to check on him and spent all his free time at night inventing something that would work.  Wow, we must really like Buster or we would not go through all this trouble!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013

The month started out by G going to the Treehouse Museum on a fieldtrip.  I work right by there so I went and joined them for a little while.

KC dressed up for a Where's Waldo Youth Activity.

The kids finally talked us into getting a dog. CR found him on KSL from a family that didn't have time for him. He's about 1 1/2 years old.  And he's so cute!

S and her Dance Company danced at the park for a Halloween Festival.

We were cleaning out our garden and we found this carrot, it's not just any carrot... It's a carrot with personality!

At City Creek with everyone before dinner at the Lion House for Yoli's birthday.

Yoli, Ruti and Emil came to visit us! I admire all of them so much! It happened to be Yoli's birthday so we had a birthday party for her!

Buster's hair was all matted down and so we took him to get groomed and they pretty much shaved all of his hair off.  It was sad.  But it will grow back eventually.  We got him a cute sweater to keep him warm.

Cute Zuri 

CR did participated in the Enchanted Treehouse for the month of October.  He needed some service hours to earn his Eagle Scout and this sounded like a fun way to help out in the community.  He had the part of Peter Pan. 

Celebrating Tayevion's birthday with an orange cake of course! He is 5!

Two of the most amazing people I know.  My mom and my aunt Yoli.  Aren't they so beautiful? 

For halloween this year we went with G to a trunk or treat, we went in our neighborhood for a little bit and then we met with the Manuel's in a cute neighborhood so the cousins could trick or treat together.

CR waw a nerd.

G was a Cutie Kitty.

K came and joined us in her Dorothy costume.  

S went out with her friends and C was in Provo.

We tried to get Buster to take a picture with the kids but it didn't work too well.

K's Birthday

K my oldest daughter is 22! What does that say about me? Don't answer that! It has been the best 22 years to know this amazning girl. Not only is she my daughter, she is also my friend and even though our time together now is not as much as when she was younger I love every minute that we can be together!
We started celebrating on Thursday night by going to Cornbellies at Thanksgiving Point.  It was freezing so we did not last as long as we were hoping but we still had lots of fun!

These would be my 5 little piggies!

On Friday night we celebrated by going to The Pizza Pie Cafe.  K loves pizza and this is a really good buffet of every possible pizza that you could want! We started just singing happy birthday to her and the entire restaurant joined us.  It was great! We forgot to take pictures :(

She was born on conference weekend and her birthday is always celebrated around conference weekend.  This just means that we always get to celebrate together!

This is her Oreo Cake.

K's song for this year:  Taylor Swift's "22"

September 2013

September is Suicide Prevention Month and this is a bulletin board and handout that we put together for students.

There also was a walk that G and I participated in. Everyone else in the family was busy with other stuff this morning.  But G and I had a good time together for a good cause.

I had another oportunity to be an extra for a Book of Mormon clip. I took the day off of work and only filmed for half a day but it was fun!