Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day

We had delicious Gumbo at our house made by Jonas, potato salad made by KC, and dessert made by Papi.  Then somehow Zildy has this idea that it's tradition for us to do a mother's day pyramid with my mom?  This is just the second year that we have done this. But it is funny mainly to see what my mom does.  I love my Mami sooo much.  She's an amazing person and the best mom!!!
So this is the progression:

My mom is really confused as to what she is supposed to do?

Is this is?

No, no, no let's show you... 

Got it! 

Now a cute posed picture. 

I love to take a picture with my children on mother's day!!!  But it's very difficult!!!

Just sitting there! 

Crazy picture!

Ahhh. I love my kids and they love me!!! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

23rd Anniversary

On May 4 we celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  We had to transport S to and from ballet and there was a safe kids fair so we went to that in the morning with G and CR first.  

This is kind of sad but we didn't take any pictures. 
The only picture we took was this one of G with a bee???  Pretty lame I know!  But because of I didn't take any pictures that day I am going to throw in some pictures of our wedding day 23 years ago ;)

This time I decided I would take charge and make the plans for the day. 

Here's a couple of pictures of us from a few months ago.

We went to the Draper Temple after stopping at IKEA for some quick shopping (2013).

Here we are at the Denver, Colorado Temple on May 4, 1990.

Then we went to eat dinner at Fratelli Ristorante (2013).

This is everyone that was at the temple with us (1990)!

We went and saw a Rocky Mountain Strings Concert at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square (2013).

After the wedding at the temple we had a luncheon with family and all those that attended the temple ceremony.  And then we were off... (1990)

Then we went to Juicy Berry for frozen yogurt dessert (2013).

This is the Compton Hotel where we stayed on our wedding night (1990)!

We spent the night at the Red Lion Hotel and just enjoyed celebrating our 23rd Anniversary (2013)!

The next morning we got in the jacuzzi and had breakfast and then we came home.  I just have to say how wonderful it was to get away even if just for 24 hours.  We get so busy with the children driving them around and participating in all their school events and activities that sometimes we forget about us.  We decided we need to do this at least once a year for our anniversary.  For our 25th anniversary we are wanting to take a trip to China!

I love KC so much! 

Here are 23 reasons why I love him so much:
He will do anything to keep me happy! 
He takes such good care of me! 
He makes me laugh!
He is an amazing father to all 5 of our children!
He is so smart and can figure out how to fix anything!
He honors his priesthood!
He gives me regular foot massages :)!
He listens to everything I have to say!
He is so dedicated to running and inspires me to run!
He's a nut and loves nuts!
He is so nice, sometimes too nice, but that's not a bad thing!
He makes breakfast on the weekends!
He is the best popcorn maker ever!
He's a BYU fan!
He's gives awesome massages (mainly just me but sometimes the kids)!
He's a gardener (or tries to be but does pretty well)!
He's an auto repair man!
He attempts to be a hairdresser to G!
He puts up with my craziness!
He's a very talented singer and I love to hear him sing!
He pretty much built our entire house!
He will pretty much do anything I ask (why???)!
He loves me!!!

Random pictures from our reception on May 5th 1990.

Dance Company Spring Concert

Every year in the spring Dance Company puts together an entire concert.  The theme this year was 
"A Picture Paints A Thousand Steps."

S choreographed a dance called "Cloked Identity" and it was inspired from this picture.  The quote that went along with the picture/dance is:  "People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all.  People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous, people try to hide their pain.  But they're wrong.  Your feelings are a part of you.  If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality.  You should stad up for your right to feel your pain."  
Jim Morrison

S is not only a beautiful and talented dancer but also an awesome choreographer. 

"Cloked Identity"

"Frame Yourself"

"Division Consumption" 

"What Affects One Directly Affects All Indirectly"

"Alone, Together"

"The Perfect Storm"
This was the last dance of the program and it was just so fun... they danced in water!


It was a wonderful show with many beautiful and talented dancers. S is blessed to belong to this group of girls that all have similar interests and values.

After the concert :)

These were pictures taken back in March.  Mr. Oram got this idea from BYU to take pictures in water and they are amazing.

April 2013 Overview

G just loves her cousins!!! I'm so grateful that we have the close by.

CR ran for SBO at the school.  He had to make a video for the school to see.  This is what we came up with.  It was a family effort.  I came up with the idea, KC did a lot of the filming, K edited it, CR was involved in the whole process of course.

Sunday night April 7 we spent making these posters.  With lots of help from his older sisters.  This is what they looked like at the school after we put them up on Monday.

G other Kindergarten picture.

CR made it past the first round of voting (mainly by default since there weren't that many students running) and so he was allowed two more posters.  Such a long wait!!!

Funny story (well not really).  The candidates have to go through an interview as part of the election process.    Well... Jef had just come in that day from Miami to pick up Jenner from BYU.  He was hungry so we went to Zupas so he could get some food.  While we were there CR called and said he was ready to be picked up.  Jef and I were just talking and I figured he was fine waiting a few minutes.  He called about 20 minutes later all stressed out because it was the day of his interview and he still had to run home and change cause he had been at track practice!  Ahhh then I freaked out!  How could I forget about the interview!!! We drove to pick him up really fast, he grabbed his clothes, changed in the car and made it back to the interview with 1 minute to spare!
After all that he still had to wait a few days to find out the results... drum roll... HE MADE IT! He's a Student Body Officer for 9th grade!  As his parents we are of course so proud of him.  He is an awesome leader and friend to everyone!  No wonder they voted for him!!!

G loves to take pictures with my phone and do funny effects on pictures with my phone.

Jenner going back to Miami.  He leaves for the Peru MTC on June 19th.  They moved his date up a couple of weeks.  It was a blast having him around this past school year!  He will make a great missionary!

Moving C out of her apartment back home for the summer.

Sidney danced the Tango at Moonlight. This is the only picure I have because I was filming but I messed it up and I would have loved for her to come out and let me take a picture but S does not like to do things like this at all so this is it!

After moonlight with her friends from Dance Company.

April 28th.  My mami and sister's birthdays.  I love them both so much!  They are so lucky to share a birthday.  I think they have a special bond because of it!  They are both beautiful!

We always celebrate my mom's, Zildy and Jonas' birthdays together since they are so close.

And that's it for April 2013