Sunday, July 16, 2017

May 2017

These are the random events that happened in May. The months seem to just fly by!

24 Hour Theater is another fun performance put on by the students in the Advanced class. They have 24 hours to cast, write, and direct a play. They meet at 6pm on a Friday night, where the teacher assigns them their group and gives assignments as to who is directing, writing, etc. They stay up all night getting everything ready and then they perform these plays on Saturday night. The following are pictures of CR in his play called "" and it was hilarious. I wish I could have recorded it and posted it here.
The story is that there are all these single people that have tried to find love in various ways and have not succeeded. So they go to this website to be matched with someone. They guarantee that they will have at least one date with whoever they are matched up with. CR played the part of a Hispanic person who wanted to become legal in the US by marrying an US citizen. 

This girl did not work out because on the first date he found out she was from Canada.

This girl was a US citizen so things could work out...
She also had been trying to find a match for a while.

It was a match! So he asked her to marry him!

So he kissed her! This part was not in the script so all of the classmates were cheering and laughing.

Letters from the juniors to the seniors at the end of the show. 

Seminary Graduation

I'm so proud of this boy! He has grown into an amazing person. Always so caring and loving! Really sarcastic all the time but fun to be around! Completed four years of seminary and his teachers always had great things to say about him!

Why does he hate taking pictures so much?

Casey ran the half marathon for this one. We are just his cheerleaders!
 The following are final pictures of us for final cuts for the Book of Mormon Video Library.

Gracie's Beaver County report float

Memorial Day hike to Cecret Lake. We didn't end up going all the way because there was still too much snow so we could not drive as far as we wanted and the hike would have been longer. We'll have to try it another day.

So beautiful

Casey is always so nice to me! He brought these flowers to me at work :)

Advanced Theater Awards Night

The Advanced Student of the Year award goes to Cee Ryle! 

What an amazing group of students! All are so talented and dedicated students but most of all they are such good kids! Their teacher Andra is great also. She teaches the students a lot more than acting!

Display of some of the things that CR worked on while in this class.

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